Neighborhood Handyman

and Remodeling


We repair damaged soffit and fascia, rot around windows and doors, replace damaged siding, replace damaged baseboards, and install shelving and cabinets.

Handicap Accessible

We install grab bars, hand railings, and address other handicap accessibility issues.

Inspection Reports

We are proficient in completing work on inspection reports after the sale of homes. 

Minor Electrical


We repair running toilets, replace leaking faucets, replace broken garbage disposals, and reseat toilets.

We install ceiling fans, replace light fixtures, replace security lights, replace outlets, install dimmer switches, and install wireless door bells.

Fence Repair

We replace broken fence posts, damaged fence sections, repair gates, and adjust gates to close properly. 

Drywall Repair

We are proficient in repairing all kinds of drywall damage with all types of textures.  We deal with everything from door dings to major sections of water damaged drywall.

Make Ready for Home Sale

We are adept in addressing key issues to make a home ready to be put on the market for sale.  We work with several realtors in getting properties ready to sell.


We are experienced in replacing both exterior and interior doors.  In addition, we adjust both interior and exterior doors due to foundation settling.  We replace damaged or old weather stripping on exterior doors.  We replace thresholds for exterior doors.  We install new storm doors and adjust old storm doors to close better.  We replace old hardware on both interior and exterior doors.  We install dead bolts.

Tile, Caulk, and Grout

We remove discolored caulk and loose or missing grout and install new caulk or grout.  We also remove loose or damaged tile from bathroom walls.  We are proficient in repairing the walls and getting bathrooms back in working condition. 


We seal wallpaper and texture over the wallpaper and then we paint the area.  We paint single rooms and multiple room.  Additionally, we paint wood trim around door and windows.  We paint baseboards and crown molding.


We remodel bathrooms, kitchens, in addition to bedrooms and bonus rooms.  In the last year we have remodeled several bathrooms by removing shower glass, shower pans, tile, and green board.  We rebuilt shower pans.  We reconfigured walls to have shampoo holders in the wall and of course we retiled the walls and shower pans.


We install turbo vents in the roofs of homes.  We repair damage to chimney stacks and paint chimney stacks.  We replace exterior dryer vents.  We install garage door openers.  We replace drop down attic stairs.  We install pet doors through both doors and exterior walls.  We replace vinyl flooring.  We install pulls for cabinets and drawers.   


We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover for payment and of course checks and cash.